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Who we are?

We are a consulting company that helps other companies or experts of any field to communicate difficult concepts in approximately one minute 

How do we do it?

We analyze all the information that an expert needs to communicate (Data, processes, documents, images, etc.)

Then we apply the 15 filters of our STS methodology to simplify the information and eliminate the “noise” that makes the message unclear or difficult to understand.

Then we validate the final message with the expert and suggest a way in which it can be delivered using different communication vehicles to produce a positive experience for the user.

We use three ways of learning
We design learning experiences such as animated or traditional videos, sound tours, interactive posters, among other products that make people live experiences while they are being trained in a concept, product or service.

Fields of application

Internal Communication
Onboarding programs
Organizational culture
Commercial purposes
Productive concepts
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