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Strategy and Sales
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27 Sales Acceleration Principles And Best Practices

Here are the principles behind the key concepts of the high velocity sales model we at call Sales Acceleration.

1. Sell Remotely. Start with realizing that professional sales is now most often done remotely. This is where you begin.

The phone and the web combine to make the traditional face-to-face sales process a thing of the past. The hybrid model of combining remote sales or inside sales with outside sales is even more powerful than ether one separately. Inside sales is growing dramatically faster than outside sales.

(I’m writing this article looking out the window of my hotel room at St. Mark’s Campanile, the tallest tower in Venice, Italy, so I’m all about doing things remotely. –Ken) 

2. Specialize. Henry Ford forever changed manufacturing with the assembly line and conveyor belt, and Eli Whitney with the concept of interchangeable parts.

 Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919)
Portrait of Henry Ford, one of the first sales accelerators, using the assembly line and the conveyor belt to put automobile sales on the map (ca. 1919) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sales first split off account managers working after the sale from sales 


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